wide wide world

just one of those ready-to-scream moments

when there’s nothing left inside but frustration

and anger

except you’re stuck inside there

the open door may as well be barred and force-field guarded

because it’s not the fresh air that keeps you in

it’s those others inside with you

those who whisper sweet pleas as they swallow their peas

and cues

and accuse you of never paying enough attention

to the screaming in your head

that you must get out

away from the pain and the

whining whingeing dreams

of cockroach infested corners and sleeping

bags with sticky zippers that won’t undo

after nights of sweaty striving and distraction

and so you drag yourself up because the sun sucks

and the radio makes you

and there’s never enough coffee to

make the voices stop.

lean on the window

but oh how wide is the world out there

JusJoJan the 30th – An- (#SoCS)

Antoinette Ant thought to write an anthology. Her fellow ants told her, “You can’t do that! You’re just an ant!” But Antoinette replied, “Ah, but I am a French ant! And I am also the Aunt of the King!”

So Antoinette bought a typewriter. She wrote of feats unheard of, where gallant ant warriors heaved seeds, and dead wasps that wouldn’t even fit through the door of the castle, and rocks the size of pebbles to build the greatest homes in the land. And then she sent her anthology off to be published.

And she waited.

And she waited.

Until one day Antoinette heard back from a publishing house that was interested… in her warriors. For a cat had knocked down their house.

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JJJ 2016

JusJoJan the 28th – Serendipity, a poem

Ideas drip down
Like serendipity from the heavens
Of what you might look like
When I finally set eyes
On a scrap of your coat
Or the cut of your jeans
Should a glimpse of the back of your head
In a crowd
Light my nerves
Make me run to catch up
To find
The ring on your finger
third from the thumb
and so
I’ll keep waiting
For drips of serendipity
‘Til I die.

JJJ 2016

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