62. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, November 1st, 8:00pm
Andrea and Lacey


Andrea: So you’ll never guess what I heard at work.

Lacey: What?

Andrea: Christmas music. One fucking day after Hallowe’en. Can you believe it?

Lacey: No way!

Andrea: I wouldn’t have even noticed it if this guy that came in hadn’t been whistling to it.

Lacey: Like he…

Andrea: …liked it or something. Exactly! I mean, who likes Christmas music the day after Hallowe’en? LIke, we haven’t even got all the decorations down. But at least the guy was hot.

Lacey: Pfft. Too bad.

Andrea: What do you mean ‘too bad’? I flirted with him a bit.

Lacey: No!

Andrea: Yep. And I asked him out. We’re getting together next week.

Lacey: Seriously? What are you gonna do if…

Andrea: If he starts whistling Christmas music again? What do you think? Dump his ass!


Next stop: Sunday, November 2nd, 11:00am

Author’s note: These Scenes are written independently, occasionally featuring the same character from a former scene. Please click on the names in the tags to follow a character’s story.  (Andrea and Lacey)



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