69. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, November 8th, 8:00pm
Yvonne and Quinn


Yvonne: I can’t believe you were talking to her.

Quinn: She’s my secretary.

Yvonne: You weren’t at work!

Quinn: What difference does it make? I couldn’t just ignore her. She sat down beside us in the restaurant.

Yvonne: So what, it’s not just a professional relationship?

Quinn: I said, “Hi, how are you?”! What’s wrong with that? You were sitting right beside me!

Yvonne: You’re having an affair with her, aren’t you?

Quinn: Oh for fuck sakes. Do we have to do this here? In public?

Yvonne: So you’re admitting it?

Quinn: Admitting what? I just don’t want to argue with you in public!

Yvonne: You just don’t want everyone in the world to know you’re having sex with your secretary!

Quinn: I’m not having sex with my secretary! I said hello to her in a restaurant!

Yvonne: I saw the look you exchanged.

Quinn: What fucking look?

Yvonne: The one that said, “I’ll meet you later. For sex.”

Quinn: (stares at her) You’re crazy!

Yvonne: Crazy to stay with you! Cheater!

Quinn: Fine!

Yvonne: Fine what? You admit it?

Quinn: Yes! I admit it! I’m having an affair with my secretary! Are you happy?

Yvonne: Yes! No! I hate you!

Quinn: Good. I’ll pack my bags as soon as we get home.

Yvonne: You’re going to her, aren’t you?

Quinn: I’m going anywhere to get away from you! Psycho!

Yvonne starts crying. Quinn stares out the window for a few minutes.

Quinn: How did you know?

Yvonne: (hands him his phone) She texted you to tell you to meet her at the hotel.

Quinn: (mumbles) Damn it.


Next stop: Sunday, November 9th, 9:30am

Author’s note: These Scenes are written independently, occasionally featuring the same character from a former scene. Please click on the names in the tags to follow a character’s story.  (Yvonne and Quinn)


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