74. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, November 13th, 5:00pm
Drommen (and Hillary) (and Sean)


Drommen sits at the window. Hillary takes a seat beside him.

Hillary: Hi Jake.

Drommen: Hi there, Jessica.

Hillary: You’ll never guess what I saw on the bus yesterday.

Drommen: What was it?

Hillary: A flasher.

Drommen: (frowning) A flasher? On my bus?

Hillary: Yep.

Drommen: How dare he! Flashing a young girl like you! What did you do?

Hillary: I laughed at him. He got off the bus.

Drommen: Huh.

Hillary: I’d heard about him before. A lady on here told me there’s a habitual flasher on the bus. She said his name is Drummin or something. That must have been him.

Drommen: No it wasn’t.

Hillary: (lifts an eyebrow) How are you so sure?

Drommen: Well… um… you said he just flashed you, right?

Hillary: Yeah.

Drommen: I heard this other guy is much more polite. He asks first.

Hillary: (laughing) A polite flasher? Now I’ve heard everything.

Drommen: It’s possible.

Hillary: Riiight. The day I see a polite flasher is the day I change my name to Hillary.

Sean gets on the bus.

Sean: (as he passes in the aisle) Hey Hillary.

Drommen smiles.

Next stop: Friday, November 14th, 6:00pm

Author’s note: These Scenes are written independently, occasionally featuring the same character from a former scene. Please click on the names in the tags to follow a character’s story. (Drommen) (Hillary) (Sean)


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