276. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday, June 3rd, 9:00am
Meghan and T.J.


Meghan: You going to Tim Horton’s today?

T.J.: I wasn’t planning on it, why?

Meghan: It’s Camp Day.

T.J.: Oh yeah! No. I’m not going to Tim’s.

Meghan: You don’t want to send a kid to camp?

T.J.: Not really. I don’t think any kid should be subjected to that many mosquitoes.

Meghan: But it’s not all about the mosquitoes…

T.J.: Not to mention the spiders, snakes, raccoons, bears…

Meghan: You never went camping as a kid, did you?

T.J.: How can you tell?

Meghan: ‘Coz there’s so much more to it than that.

T.J.: Like what?

Meghan: Sleeping in a tent, canoeing, the campfire…

T.J.: Finding out there’s a rock in the middle of the tent when you’re trying to get to sleep, getting caught in a sudden storm in the middle of the lake, melting the toes of your sneakers because you’re freezing to death… I have friends who went.

Meghan: McDonald’s?

T.J.: Sure.


Next stop: Thursday, June 4th, 7:00pm


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