298. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, June 25th, 8:00pm
Juliette (and Drommen)


Juliette sits at the window. Drommen takes the seat beside her.

Juliette: Please be gentle.

Drommen: I beg your pardon Madame?

Juliette: Well, you see, this is my first time on a bus and you are the first man to sit beside me.

Drommen: Ah. I see. Common bus etiquette demands that I at least introduce myself. I’m Jake.

Juliette: (smiles and extends gloved hand) I’m Juliette. It’s very nice to meet you Jake.

Drommen: (takes her hand and kisses the back of it) My pleasure entirely.

Juliette: I’d heard so many horror stories about taking the bus. I’m happy to find they’ve proven unfounded.

Drommen: I’m sure whatever you’ve heard is total nonsense. I try to come on the bus as often as I can, and there are few worse than myself.

Juliette: Well then. If you are just about as bad as it gets, I shall cease to worry.

Drommen: Quite right. I was going to ask you… would you mind if I…

Juliette: Yes?

Drommen: … change seats with you? I have a long way to go.

Juliette: Not at all.


Next stop: Friday, June 26th, 7:00pm

Author’s note: These Scenes are written independently, occasionally featuring the same character from a former scene. Please click on the names in the tags to follow a character’s story. (Drommen)


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