300. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, June 27th, 11:00am
Sean (and Drommen)


Sean sits at the window. Drommen takes the seat beside him.

Drommen: Where’s Jessica?

Sean: I don’t know who you’re talking about.

Drommen: Okay Hillary. Whatever you call her, where is she?

Sean: I don’t know.

Drommen: (grabs Sean by the collar) Look asshole, if you fuck her up I’m gonna…

Sean: (smiles) What, show me your dick? You should be in jail.

Drommen: (lets go) You’re one to talk, providing drugs to a minor. Illegal drugs.

Sean: Whatever. She’s better off with me than she is with you. You just make her miserable. At least I show her a good time.

Drommen: Some good time it is to wake up so hung over that she can’t see straight. Stay out of her life. Because if I find out you’ve hurt her or allowed her to hurt herself, you’re going to wind up hurt.

Sean: It’s you she’s killing herself for man.

Drommen: She needs help. If you care about her at all you’ll get her some.

Sean: What, like you helped her?

Drommen: (grabs him again and lets go) You’re not worth it.

Drommen changes seats.


Next stop: Sunday, June 28th, 1:00pm

Author’s note: These Scenes are written independently, occasionally featuring the same character from a former scene. Please click on the names in the tags to follow a character’s story. (Sean) (Drommen)


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