308. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, July 5th, 5:00pm
Armand and Millicent


Millicent: Do you know, I’ve never seen an elephant?

Armand: That’s strange. Not even in a zoo?

Millicent: Indeed, I have not.

Armand: Have you never been to a zoo?

Millicent: I have.

Armand: Were there no elephants at that particular zoo?

Millicent: There were elephants at that particular zoo, but they were hiding in the bushes.

Armand: (wide eyed) In the bushes? Are you quite sure?

Millicent: I’m positive! There were footprints. And they led right into the bushes.

Armand: They must have been very large bushes!

Millicent: They weren’t that big.

Armand: Then how did the elephants hide in them?

Millicent: I was told the elephants were painted with berries. They blended in.

Armand: But… elephants are gray. They are not green!

Millicent: (wide eyed) They’re not?

Armand: Not at all!

Millicent: Well that just goes to show you then. I’ve never seen an elephant!


Next stop: Monday, July 6th, 7:00pm


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