I love you

Harvey stood at the front door and looked in the gilt-framed, oval mirror that hung on the wall.

“I love you,” he said to his reflection. He shook his head and mumbled, “No. Too serious.” Determined, he stared hard at his own eyes. “I luuurve you.” He paused. “Too casual?” he asked himself. “Nah, too dorky.”

He straightened his tie and shook out his shoulders. Spreading his stance to shoulder width, he cocked his finger and pointed it at his face in the mirror. “I love you.” It was short and confident. He winked and shot his reflection with his finger-gun.

“You ready to go?”

Harvey jumped as Jim appeared around the corner.

“Yeah,” said Harvey. “Um…”

“What?” Jim asked.

“Never mind. I’ll tell you at dinner.”

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