The Real Story

“I can’t believe you came all the way back here without the golden egg.”

“I told you, they wouldn’t let me carry it on the plane!”

“Why didn’t you tell them it was made of gold?”

“I did. But then they asked me where I got it from.”

“And you told them what?”

“I told them it came from a goose.”


“Yeah. So they said no matter what it’s made of, if it came out of a goose, it’s dairy.”

“So who’s got it now?”

“Probably the big guy back at customs. At first I thought he’d let me keep it for a fee, but then he said, ‘Fie!’ like they do in those Shakespeare plays. Then he seemed sad. He was saying, ‘Ho hum,’ but with this really weird speech impediment. Do you think we’ll get it back?”

“We might. I’ve got some beans we might trade it for.”

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