No Second Thoughts

He stood his ground across the room from the woman with the long red dress. Sinews stood out from the backs of both of her hands; her knuckles were white as she grasped the blades tightly in both fists.

“Tell me now,” he growled. “Will you do it?”

“I have no choice. I promised my husband I would.”

“Gah! You can let him down, you know.”

“I will never!” she screeched.

“Very well. Follow me.”

He led her down a corridor and into a room filled with mirrors. “Choose your position,” he ordered.

She did as she was told.

“Now give me the blades.”

Her eyes met his in an icy stare.

“If you’re positive. There will be no second thoughts.”

She nodded mutely.

“So be it,” he grumbled.

He lifted the blades to the level of her throat.

“To here?” he asked. “Or a little shorter?”

“I think a bob would be nice.”

“You think?”

She shrugged. “It’ll grow back.”

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