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Since this fiction and poetry blog was conceived on March 30th, 2013, I have gone through a few phases. Some I’ve trudged through, heavy-footed with the weight of a broken spirit, and some I have glided past, a-wing on the joy of the moment. This blog has evolved, as have I, through changes in influence, in perspectives, and in life. My fiction is dictated greatly by my emotional state, and yet, despite the fact that I sometimes write horror, I rarely feel murderous. Where that particular genre comes from–what primal force guides it–is anybody’s guess.

The first thing I can remember writing was a short story which began, “It was a dark and stormy night!” I was in grade four at the time and my father helped me write it. The story was of a haunted house, visited by a girl (myself) on Hallowe’en night.

I wonder if it was from dear ol’ dad that I inherited the shadow which much of the time permeates my stories. He loved a good twist. Whether or not my father is responsible, I suppose I’ll never really know. He died shortly after I reached the tender age of fourteen years.

And so I leave you with the best and the worst of what it means to be human. My characters come from deep inside, and from the psychology I observe in others. And I am always observing.

To my father, Leonard Charles Hill, may you rest in peace.



42 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I’ve been nominated for the β€˜Liebster Award’ and wish to nominate your blog as one of my eleven nominees. Why? Because I find your words fascinating day-after-day. If this string of people nominating awards gets at least one more person to your blog I’ll consider it a success.

    Here are the rules:


  2. Congratulations on building yourself such a wonder blog with brilliant fiction and such a lovely fan base. As a bookworm it is amazing to read other peoples work of fiction and yours is exceptionally wonderful. All the best,
    Elia x

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  8. I was reading through some of your work. I shall be blunt. You need to learn how to tell a story. that is the basics of life. We sit with our friends and tell various stories about of lives and experiences. A writer translates the oral telling to the words on a page. This is even true for poetry. Life is about story telling because reality is a drudge. We embellish our stories to make them and ourselves more interesting and because our listeners and readers want more interesting stories. In short, as writers, we learn to tell bald face lies to the amusement of adults and children. Once you have learned this lesson your writing will improve greatly. Best of luck in the future

    • If, after having written 834 posts here on my fiction blog, as well as 7 novels, I haven’t figured out (in your estimation) how to tell a story, I likely never will. You may as well give up on me.
      Thanks for commenting though.

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