Adoration – Talk About Romance Series

Love at first sight. It’s a controversial subject among romance readers. Also known as “instalust,” it seems as many readers accept it, as who avoid it at all costs.

But perhaps there are ways for a romance writer to depict it that are more believable.

When I think of love-at-first-sight movies, my mind immediately goes to “Serendipity.” I loved that movie; the fact that fate was ultimately on their side likely had a lot to do with the opening of my own novel, The Magician’s Curse, but I digress. Fate is often the backdrop, I believe, of the most successful love-at-first-sight plots. It creates a basis on which the reader can suspend disbelief.

I’m sure there are many other scenarios that work, but the risk of such a meeting between two characters seeming overly plotted and convenient is present no matter what.

“I adore you,” the hero says to the heroine, hours after they meet.

“I adore you too. Let’s get married and have babies,” the heroine replies.

Does it happen in real life? Reports say it does, though maybe not quite that fast. This sort of lack of hesitation leaves a lot of room for improvement. But if there’s a paranormal element to it? The bonding of two souls that are meeting again in this current life? Therein lies the romance.

What do you think? What works for you in fiction? Have you ever, in real life, seen a stranger across a crowded room who might have been “The One”?

Thanks go to Bee for the inspiration for this post.

9 thoughts on “Adoration – Talk About Romance Series

  1. Well, the best husband in the world and I are the best example :-). We did give ourselves about 6 months though to really go for it but we never looked back since. And as for literature. I always looked down on romance books no matter if it was “at first sight” or not. But I have started reading some a couple of years ago for “Butterfly-O-Meter” and I now really enjoy them. But in my opinion, there are bad storylines and badly worked out characters in all genres. Not only in romance.

  2. Yes, it does happen. I’ve heard the actual dialogue as it goes. I don’t know why it doesn’t happen to all of us, but it sure does happen.
    Chemistry, I say. Something intangible and immeasurable. People who have it are sick and they don’t even deny it 😉
    I also love Serendipity. I bet we’ve watched that movie 100+ times.

    • Chemistry … there’s a great theory. Maybe it happens because they’ve literally sniffed each other out.
      Must watch Serendipity again. 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Joey. ❤

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