Bracelet Death

There is a sweetness like honey drips
The colour of roses, pink and soft
That make me carnivorous
Through your skin so delicate
Hints the red of black cherries
The tart wisp of citrus sweat
Just below your jawline
Ahhh….slip swiftly

A breath from tongue
And my mouth waters salt scent
Like fire through an hourglass
I inhale your heat
Take me to mars, I whisper too softly
Feel you shiver from head to toe
Feel your body elongate
Mmmm….hell’s handmaid

There’s a taste to your mouth
Of sweet cherry brandy
Of darkness desire so secretly warm
From your current I sense
Electric cold minefield
Hips a magnet for fingertips
And cat scratches kitten bliss
Nnnn….luscious love

In blackness is given in grace everlasting
In hard hallowed heaven
Of satin silk static
Enclosed with your strength
I’m showered with petals of blue honeydew
I breathe in white essence
My candle of starlight
Aamm….bracelet death


January 31, 2007
11:32 pm


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