Unsightly sights

We’re closed for the night
all tucked in just you ‘n’ me
alone at last;
you with your tie and your shiny hair
and me in uncomfortable stockings

In the dark, with the lights off
who cares if they knock on the glass doors
we have nothing left to sell
except what we sell ourselves;
heated breath, exchanged, no receipts

Can they see us shedding the clothes
of mannequins? haha is that what they think?
Thru the window my skin is pale and if
I stand still enough perhaps
my porcelain skin will look to their eyes
innocent window dressing

You feel my radiant lust upon your chest
that I care not what they think
as I untie your tie and drop your drawers
and then the window dresser appears to be
doing the unspeakable with his porcelain companion
at closing time.

puzz le

we appear the same, you and me
both have eyes and hands
and feet with which to walk away

but in truth we are opposite
diametric yin and yang

a jigsaw
compelled to
complete itself

a go

after a long, hard, hot day at the office
i just want to lose my briefcase and
off my shoes
off my dress
and then…

But you’re home. And you’re watching tv with a beer
The condensation drip
from the edge of your bottle onto your white boxers as you
it in my direction in a gesture of negligent cheers

there was a day, long a go when it was you coming home
all wet from the
and i, lounging with my white wine on the couch in your boxers and nothing
your umbrella drip drip dripping on the floor unheeded because…

there are better things to do
Busy things to do and not enough drip
After a long,

Coming Home

As night falls, each day
I see you in a different light
Tired from your broken-assed job
And your stop-gap commute
You rub the back of your neck
And smile at me,
It’s okay

You sip your red wine
at dinner and like a gentleman ask
if I enjoyed my afternoon
And you tip your glass
and nod as your eyes drop
to the buttons nesting just there
And smile at me,
Shall we?

Falling all around you
Your smile, the night,
You prop me up
and we touch and turn
And I see no vulnerability then
Not the rubbing of your neck
Nor the tired look that
weighs upon you

Your power; the silk-covered
marble-like hardness of your
arms that lift and manipulate
my will until,
I know not where I end
and you begin.

Chastise me with you wordless growl
Graze me with your fingertips
Breathe your wine-enduced
last-thrust vitality, with which
you end your day
upon me.
Let me be your chalice.
Come home, to me.

The Game

It’s a game we play

Where you wear the suit

and tie

and I wear the dress

and heels

At our favourite restaurant

Candles and romance

And I pluck from your fingertips

luscious slippery oysters

and place on your tongue

fruit so sweet

And we laugh

and kiss

and drive through the dark

of night

to the warmth

of our home

Where I pluck at your tie

and you slip off my heels

And we drink deep red wine

from crystal cups

And we roll

and spin

And the winner

comes last


Your heat prickles my skin
in chilled beads of salty desire
your hair whips against my heart
and pulls my pulse from my body
I writhe at your mercy
Please, please give me your life.
My will
I will
see you as nothing but

One Night Stand

When all of the lights
have dimmed, then gone out
and it’s just you and me
skin against skin
under covers of silk

No one can know how
our private commingling
with hot wax and fire
can serve us precisely
what we need to survive

In the daylight tomorrow
when we are re-covered
with inflexible masks
of social exertion
we’ll pretend unacquaintance

But tonight only we can
know yield and endowment
of intimate fusion
of blood, sweat and passion
under covers of silk

Beauty Chained

So sweet in white you
bent to sniff to smell the
rose so red I sent you
this morning the dew on
your lip lick it
off and smile at me

So sweet in sweat I
see you bent and writhe in
pleasure ah my treasure all
slathered in creamy paint you
drip and slip it
off and smile at me

So sweet in chains you
pull and gnash and grasp the
links you slink I scratch you
seize your ache you
squeeze and slide it
off and smile at me

So sweet in black you
stretch and sigh and drift in
silken cream and paint I
glide and ride you
slip yes take it
off and smile at me

So sweet in sleep you
breathe and moan deep in
velvet bliss you cream me
yield and
blush rush lick it
off and smile at me


Bracelet Death

There is a sweetness like honey drips
The colour of roses, pink and soft
That make me carnivorous
Through your skin so delicate
Hints the red of black cherries
The tart wisp of citrus sweat
Just below your jawline
Ahhh….slip swiftly

A breath from tongue
And my mouth waters salt scent
Like fire through an hourglass
I inhale your heat
Take me to mars, I whisper too softly
Feel you shiver from head to toe
Feel your body elongate
Mmmm….hell’s handmaid

There’s a taste to your mouth
Of sweet cherry brandy
Of darkness desire so secretly warm
From your current I sense
Electric cold minefield
Hips a magnet for fingertips
And cat scratches kitten bliss
Nnnn….luscious love

In blackness is given in grace everlasting
In hard hallowed heaven
Of satin silk static
Enclosed with your strength
I’m showered with petals of blue honeydew
I breathe in white essence
My candle of starlight
Aamm….bracelet death


January 31, 2007
11:32 pm