Office Politics

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“Oh no, he’s coming this way,” June whispered to Emi, her co-worker.

The two women leaned toward the computer screen, pretending to me engrossed in a spreadsheet.

“What’s so interesting?” came a slippery voice from behind them.

“Oh nothing, Nigel,” June said without glancing his way.

“Well in that case,” June felt the weight of Nigel’s claw on her shoulder, “why don’t you pack it in for the day and come out for a drink with me?”

A snort escaped from Emi’s nose before she could contain it.

“You can’t come with us, Emi.”

The claw dug deeper into June’s flesh when Nigel spoke.

“I can’t tonight Nigel, I’m sorry.” June’s voice trembled.

“Turn around and look at me, June.”

“I can’t, Nigel…” Tears, salty and heavy formed in the corners of her eyes.

“If you don’t, I’m going to have to show myself to Emi instead.”

“Please, turn…

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