Insuffient Evidence: Against Angry Beaver Owners

I thought I’d participate in my own writing prompt on The Community Storyboard. Check out the prompt and submit!

The Community Storyboard

Down in the river
Where the passion runs deep
Lived a colony of beavers
To themselves did keep

‘Til a farmer bought the land
And he thought to profit some
From the river’s fast flow
Boy, he sure was dumb

He took his tractor down
To the river, to the brink
And began to shovel out
And the dam began to sink

Papa Beaver hurried out
And yelled and shook his fist,
“You can wreck our home!
“Do you think we’ll stand for this?”

But the farmer shook his head
And carried on a-diggin’
The beaver he ignored
Money symbols filled his noggin’

So the beavers were displaced
And the lawyers did agree
That the farmer had it right
Money does grow on trees

Now the beavers plot revenge
for their dam that was lost
For the passion still runs deep
May the farmer pay the cost

Linda G. Hill

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