Day 3 Prompt – Og, Ug, and the Daisy

Day 3 Prompt on The Community Storyboard – Pre- 1950s.
This is my story.

The Community Storyboard

The atmosphere in the cave just hadn’t been the same since Og and Ug fell in love with the same woman. She wasn’t just any woman. Aooga was an eye-popping beauty with long, dirty, blonde hair and almost all her teeth. She walked as gracefully as a deer and had only a slight limp, which she had explained (when she showed up alone and shivering one frosty night) was due to a fall from a tree when she had been hunting lions for her family to eat. Unfortunately the lions had reciprocated the gesture with far greater efficiency. Aooga was, nevertheless, considered brave, for a woman, and held in high esteem by the brothers Og and Ug.

It was in the spirit of friendly competition, at first, that the brothers sought to best one another for her attention. If Ug built a campfire to keep her warm, Og constructed a…

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