Social Inertia

How we cheapen ourselves
for the sake of the masks we wear.
For the sake of popularity.
For the sake of self-satisfaction.

We may take our lives to extremes,
or hidden here in social media.

And for what?
So that we can feel
lift our spirits,
while we rest on our asses and let life pass us by.

Go out, I say
Taste the vapours of outdoors
Hear the sounds of real traffic
Not that of the hits on your site
I say while I sit
In the vacuum of my internetz

4 thoughts on “Social Inertia

  1. I agree.

    Life will happen
    and I will be there
    with grass up to my ankles
    the sun on my eyelashes
    and my palms against
    the tie-dyed sky,
    not trapped in some
    office cubicle
    crunching cold numbers
    with high-speed machines
    while breathing processed air
    nor propped up
    on an unkempt bed
    ingesting “reality” from TV

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