Day 28 Prompt – Upon the Ship of Fools

Day 28 Prompt – Story on a ship. Past, present, or future.

The Community Storyboard

Jules sat in the chair on the client side of the desk and tapped his fingers on the arm. He eyed the couch along the wall with the plethora of potted plants and wondered if he should lay down. The couch was still beckoning him with it’s plushness when the doctor walked in.

“Mr. Verne,” said the pleasant-faced middle-aged physician as he held out his hand, “I’m Dr. Robinson.”

“Pleased to meet you,” said Jules. He stood up to shake the doctor’s hand and glanced over toward the couch. “Should I?”

“Whatever makes you the most comfortable.”

Jules smiled and sat back down in the chair. “I’m afraid I might fall asleep.”

“Yes,” said Dr. Robinson. “I see from your file that you’ve been experiencing nightmares.”

Jules nodded. “That’s why I’m here. I’ve been dreaming that I was alone and shipwrecked, and ended up on a deserted island.”

The doctor…

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