Anticipation – Weekly Prompt – “Yesterday”

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All of our yesterdays pale by comparison, for tomorrow we shall be wed. Today I am lost in anticipation. I sit in the quiet of my room, the lilac in the vase on my bedside table wafts the scent of spring – of new beginnings.

I ponder your words of yesterday. They ring in my head like a gong. You said, My feet are cold. Just that. And I wondered for six painful seconds if you had had a change of heart. But then I passed you your socks and you smiled at me lovingly. Our fingertips met and I felt that familiar tingle – the one which told me that we were truly meant for one another.

The stark, snowy whiteness of my dress, with lace like frost on a window, hangs from a hook on my door. I will wear it with pride.

Let all of our yesterdays…

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