Sometimes I don’t even feel human. Perhaps.
I am the extension of a spirit. Perhaps.
I am the shell of another being. Perhaps.
I am a fish swimming in a sea of air. Perhaps.
There are intelligent fish at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle who keep people in air tanks just to watch them run around and bang up against the soundproof glass. Perhaps.
I digress. Perhaps.
I am the figment of someone else’s imagination. Perhaps.
I am someone’s guardian angel. Perhaps.
I am the chips at the bottom of someones chip bag. Perhaps.
There are chips at the bottom of my bag screaming and hugging the chip beside them, just waiting to be consumed. Perhaps.
I am stoned. Perhaps.
I am the flame on top of a giant’s birthday candle. Perhaps.
I am a particle of sound rising from my speakers. Perhaps.
I am the scent of roast beef. Perhaps.
I am about to be inhaled by an even bigger giant than the birthday cake one in the waft coming off his Sunday dinner. Perhaps.
I need to smoke another joint now.

Ahh that’s better. Perhaps.
I am my own recurring dream. Perhaps.
I am an aquistion of Alice’s restaurant. Perhaps.
I am a goddess and all my dust mites pray to me. Perhaps.
Goddesses surround each and every one of us constantly. No Shit. They also surround the birds and the bees, trees, rocks…dust mites… Ok I made that up. Perhaps.
I should stop forcing myself to write by telling myself it’s the only way I’m going to get my hand out of the fucking chip bag. Perhaps.
I am the essence of my aloneness and my creativity. Perhaps.
I am my own memory of another lifetime. Perhaps.
I am the nameless, wordless Tao…

Ok, perhaps that was an excuse to roll another joint. Sue me. Perhaps.
I am a poem created by a four year old. Perhaps.
I am art in the eyes of some beholder. Perhaps.
I am a song written by the artist who I love. Perhaps.
It’s time for some Yellowledbetter by Pearl Jam. How can you not LOVE that song? Oh, and to smoke that j. *hwhwhwhwhhhh*…here…
(If I am ever going to understand the words to this song it isn’t going to be tonight. Perhaps.)
I am silence and all the energy that surrounds me is noise. Perhaps.
I am the centre of the universe. Perhaps.
I have the power of hell at my back and yet I am a meek little mouse about to be stepped on by a giant freak. Perhaps.
That was a little spooky. Perhaps.
I am nothing but my memories. Perhaps.
I am whole only as a matter of my own perspective. Perhaps.
I am the realization of my own thirsts. Perhaps.
I am thirsty for some Baileys. Perhaps.
I won’t be driving anywhere tonight. Perhaps.
I am the heart of my own desire. Perhaps.
I am the desire of my own heart. Perhaps.
I desire a man I can never have. Perhaps.
I am human.

@January 15, 2006. 1:11am

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