If Only

Previously posted on The Community Storyboard, retrieved with love…

I have in my mind
A cookie cardboard cut-out
Of a man-shaped you, in a tailored suit
Your eyes a-fire with the knowing
And your hands hiding their itch in your pockets

You find me where I am most susceptible
Knee deep in my life-mire
Gasping my final hope
And just the sip of your breath
Through your teeth as you realize

I’ve seen you before
In a dream and you, me

You offer me your hand
And obliging I scratch-grasp
Your smile makes me beautiful
The cloth of your suit against my burdened cheek
Smooths my thoughts

In my mind you take me
To heights unfathomed and to lows where I look up
and all I see is your hair-shadowed face
You bless-task me with your wit
You stroke my every need

Your breath shall be my be my conception
Your grace shall be my calm
Your laughter shall be my saviour
Your warmth shall be my pyre
Your love shall be my cradle

I’ve seen you before
In a dream and you,
If only

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