The Note, Part 2

I thought it would be safe to take a bath.  I got home at 5:56 just like usual, made dinner, enjoyed it in front of the tv with a glass of wine, and went for a soak.

I don’t usually fall asleep in the tub. Tonight was strange. It was the phone that woke me up.

Of course I remembered the note from yesterday. Of course I was tempted to rush out naked to answer it. But something told me I shouldn’t, even though my bath water had gone cold anyway.

I found it when I went back to my bedroom.


“Who the hell are you?” I asked the empty room.

The time on my alarm clock was 10:03. The note was written at 10 on the dot. I put the note down and went back to the bathroom to get my clothes. When I came back to the bedroom, the note was gone.

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