JusJoJan 21 – Lioness

It’s a fact of science: bread cools quickly when it comes out of the toaster.

But she sits facing him at the kitchen table at breakfast time and thinks,
Look how weak he is that he allows his bread to cool before he butters it
I used to not see this about him
When we were first married I was so infatuated with him
Now he talks to me about ordinary things
Now I can see that he is less than ordinary – he is weak.
How could I not see his weakness back then?

A week later she had an affair.
A month later she was divorced.

Years have passed and she cannot find that perfect love again that she had at one time with her husband
She grows old but not regretful
For he was weak.
And weakness cannot be tolerated.

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11 thoughts on “JusJoJan 21 – Lioness

  1. So…. OKAY! I get it. This is your fiction site. Oh man, Linda. You had me going. Really well written. My emotions are conflicting at current. I mean, you didn’t do this, right? Over toast? Heh…and that’s why men need to butter up their lovers! Get it? I’m done now….

    • Paul, you are such a funny guy. haha. Not only that, but butter them when they’re hot. 😉
      Yes, this is just fiction, and no, I didn’t dump someone over cold toast. Just my wild imagination at work… not surprisingly, I thought of this while I was eating my toast this morning.

      Thanks very much for your lovely compliments 😀

      • So…. Um…. Now will you dump someone over cold toast? What if they don’t eat toast?! What if you find someone glutten free 😦 Will you tell them, “You must eat your toast. With butter. When it’s hot.” And then their ankles swell until they have kankles. It’s tragic T_T Now my imagination is going. And I don’t like toast. So our love is now forbidden by all that is heated grain!

  2. I believe it is standard practice in the UK to allow one’s toast to cool before buttering. This post may become responsible for the biggest Commonwealth diplomatic rift in the post WWII era.

    Or it may not.

    • I think it’s just bloody cold in the UK. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get my toast to the table before it got cold, even in my aunt’s tiny kitchen.

      And if you’re right, we’ll have something in common… we can dodge bullets and rubber chickens together in the parade. 😉

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