The mysteries of your inner workings
Your yang to my yin
Tease me
Bring me to know there is no
Knowing you, really

As much as I can guess what you think
How your gears turn
Inside your feelings are opposite
Yet he same

Your strength to my tears
Your determination to my
Not to say I’m not strong, you are
just more powerful

But I like it that way
I’m not afraid
to say
That your prickliness
turns me on

So when you tell me you understand
The way I think
I know
That you don’t really know yin
from your yang

2 thoughts on “Yang

  1. I love this. It’s nice when we can recognize what is intriguing about another and not be blinded by their flaws. We’d all be better off if we could be understood for who we are. I wonder if my husband would say my prickliness turns him on. haha

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