Entranced – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (Entrance)

You stepped through the door and it was like a bolt of lightning to my soul. Your eyes hypnotised me and your arms as they drew me in, felt protective and yet…

The knife in your hand as it stabbed me in the spine…

I died, still entranced by your eyes.

This post is part of SoCS: http://lindaghill.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-may-1014/ 

3 thoughts on “Entranced – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (Entrance)

  1. Chilling.
    Years ago (I mean decades ago) my mother and I stayed up late into the night watching some movie about the mob. The man had wooed the woman, but she hadn’t been as carefree about his lifestyle as he’d like, and the end of the movie finds them in the gazebo after their wedding, where he pulls her close in a loving embrace and shoots her while gazing into her eyes.
    I’ve been rattled since.

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