Days of Love

A spark in the darkness
The flash of a dream
A bulb that burns blue
Then blackness of bleeding void

But when dawn is deepest
The sky’s bruised blanket
A promise of primrose
Sunrise seems secretly suspended

A young day begins for us
The light creeps cautiously through the cracks
A hint of a gleam of a question
How have our scars brought us here?

Slowly our lenses lift to the rays
The courage contained
Makes a break for the beam
Balances precariously between beats

Basking brilliantly in our newfound sun
In ovation our souls stand
For hope has found daylight
Joyous joining of our noon

We gaze graciously at countenance kept
In facades we find flawlessly fresh
We dive to depths of painful pleasure
Holding helplessly to mindless madness

Looking ever into eternity’s bliss
Shining suns and stars and simple sights
But our eyes eventually falter, consciously creating
Imagination, blinds, binds, breaks

Why did we do it once again?
Had our memories faded so fully?
That we dared to bare our lives to love
When setting suns and deathly darknesses, continually come.

LGH ~ March 23, 2005

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