there are dayz when i works hard and there are dayz when nothing matters coz i haz the wine and it can all go to shit for all i care. coz when i haz the wine i also haz the bugs in my hair and i can scratch and scratch and i don’t goez out, oh no. coz there is peoples out there whose brains are better than mine and who might call me fat or better than that, weird. which is ok coz i is weird. i know i is.

i haz a little story. it’s about a girl who didn’t get what she wanted. she ‘sploded so bad that everyone who knew her suffered for a while. until she found a new thing to want. i know a guy who’s going to ‘splode soon. if he doesn’t get what he wantz. coz people like that ‘splode a lot.

dayz when i sayz what i feel inside are good dayz. they bringz me to next day. sometimes i wonder if next day is coming.

this is like a song.

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