“Billy, would you please stop dropping stones in the water.”

“Why?” Billy asked his dad.

“I’ve told you. You’ll scare away the fish.”




“Yes, Daddy?”

“What did I tell you about dropping stones in the water?”

“I forget.”

“You’ll scare away the fish.”

“Oh, right.”


“Billy, I’m starting to get angry.”


“Because you keep dropping stones in the water and I don’t want to spend hours sitting here for nothing when I could be at home watching TV.”

“We’re not catching anything, anyways,” Billy mumbled.

“What was that?”

“I said, we’re not catching anything. And I’m bored.”

“Are you telling me we came all the way out here because YOU wanted to go fishing and twenty minutes in, you’re bored?”


“I’ll give you sorry, you little…”

“Dad no! You promised you wouldn’t slap me on my birthday!”

“You’re lucky. Let’s go home.”

“Wait! Look at all the fish!”

“How the hell… Hang on. Did you have any stones in the boat, Billy?”


“What have you been dropping overboard?”

“The little fish we brought.”


“Yeah, Dad?”

“You’re spending your next birthday with your mother.”

Our prompt for today on a Story A Day is “When your character is not like you.” The character (the dad) is not like me because he’s a guy, he’d hit his kid for being bored, and he’s fishing. I’ve never been, nor have I had any desire to go, fishing.

11 thoughts on “Stones

  1. I’ve been fishing exactly once in my life. It was on a boyscout outing that my dad was one of the main parental supervisors for. Also scheduled for the trip was some water skiing. The fishing itself bored me to tears. I need something much more interactive. Then, right before it was my turn to get on the water for some skiing, the person before me gets their hand wrapped in the rope and breaks his hand. My dad has to take him to the hospital and I had to go with them.

    No water skiing for me.

    Also, never tried fishing again. And never will.

    Anyway, well written! Thank you for sharing.

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