Two Hari

“Where are you?” I whispered in the night. The day had gone by slowly. I spent it writing, gardening, trying to keep my mind from wandering and wishing I could be with him again.

Once in bed I covered myself and waited, calling occasionally.

“Where are you?”

I’m here Faith.

I felt him, the weight of him beside me. I heard the faint rustle of his feathers. I felt the pressure of his existence beside me.

I love you Faith.

His voice sounded like the singing of fine crystal. His breath rang in my ears, through and past my regular method of hearing, directly into my mind.

“Hari?” I asked, knowing before he answered that it was him. My Angel. Hari. “Why are you here?”

Because you need me, my love.

I stiffened. He had always been there when I called, and I supposed I could have called him now, sub-consciously. I had been lonely for some time. Only once had he come, unbidden, and then only because I didn’t yet know of his existence.

“Why do I need you?” I was suddenly filled with dread.

Not for any reason you need worry about…

I felt him slide his hand up my arm to my shoulder, I felt him nuzzle my cheek, his breath lifting the fine hairs. Like fine lead crystal, Hari’s substance is delicate and yet heavy. I didn’t move for fear of breaking his tentative hold on Earth, beside me.

“I love you Hari.”

Faith… you are my reason for being…

With that he was gone.

One Hari



My name breathed so softly in my ear I didn’t bother to open my eyes. I believed it was the breeze, warmed by the rising May sunlight whispering through my window.

Faith. It’s me, your lover.

So long since I had a lover, I had to be dreaming still. That was it, the remnants of my fading dream. I snuggled down into my feather pillow and wished for deeper sleep; to let go of the awareness of the morning light. My blanket lay heavy and warm upon my shoulder, I stretched and settled back to my weekend slumber.


I couldn’t ignore it anymore, no matter how soothing it felt. I was alone in the house – or I should have been. Perhaps there was someone calling me from outside the window.

I dragged myself out of the bed and knelt before pushing back the gauze curtains. My nosy neighbour was there watering his roses and waiting for a peek at my silk chemise-covered breasts. He waved. I waved back. No way was he subtle enough to have whispered my name.

I knew it must have been Hari. He was back in my life again.