heaven must have sent you
for how else could you be
with me
though your wings are invisible
i feel them when you hold me
wrap around me
shelter me
from the warm rain
cascading down your back
dripping from your hair
and from the tip…
of your seed
you truly are an angel
enwrapping me
in love


I feel them as they approach, long before I see them. The dust from the road beneath the lone streetlight swirls around me. Will the angel that comes for me tonight be dark, or of the light?

I look up even though I know it’s useless. When I squint, a halo appears around the bulb above me, in all the colours of the rainbow.

Before long, I pick up the scent. Sulfur. The angel is dark.

He lands some distance away. Finally he steps into the ring of light on the pavement; he saunters toward me. His black wings folded loosely behind him, he wears all white, as though that will absolve him. We both know his clothes will soon be drenched in my blood.

“Hello,” he says with a smile.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” I reply.

I hand him the sword and he studies it for a moment. “Your weapons are getting bigger,” he muses, speaking to me as he looks at the blade.

“The stakes are getting higher. I suppose your rival will be here tomorrow to clean up the mess.”

“You prefer it that way?”

“I think so.”

“He believes he’s mastered the art of protection.”

I nod. “Now he needs to work on his healing.”

“Let’s give him something to work on then.”

I’m aroused at his first slice down my cheek. Tonight will prove to be orgasmic. A little death, indeed.

open ~ muse

i close my eyes
above me you hover
breath upon my face
soft and fragrant
not a mere mortal;
you are the muse
my music
my art
the filter through which
my compassion comes
and love
ah love
and all i need do
is open my soul
and write you

The Daily Post – Open

I love you

I should have said, I love you in the purest of ways. That I cared deeply for you; that I expected nothing from you than what you were willing to give freely.

Your friendship.

But as I lay in your arms, the glow of our lovemaking surrounding us like an aura of blush and holy water beneath the sheets, my transgressive whisper caused a hitch in your breath and I knew I had uttered our sentence. Simple as it was and true as I felt it echo from you as well, I should have explained.

I want you to know that that morning has never left me. From your 2am call, I want you now, until we spoke and laughed on the phone after you returned home – every second, every hour in between, has burned in my mind.

Young Angel.

I will never leave you. You know I am with you even now. What we share is eternal. As pure as the I love you I meant to say.


“Your ghost haunts me, like a shadow in the night.

“For the things I couldn’t do for You, for the warnings I tried to give You,

“and the signs You missed…

“I wanted to scream out!

“I wanted to touch You,

“But You couldn’t feel me there by Your side, aching,

“aching to convey the message.

“I could hear You calling. I could hear Your breath, ragged and painful.

“I wanted to comfort You but,

“try as I might, You couldn’t feel me.”


“Now I sit in the dark, trying to make sense of it all.

“I miss You. I miss Your presence.

“I am Your Angel.

“Always by Your side.

“Your ghost, it haunts me,

“You should be alive.”

Sunny, With a Slim Chance

Your day began sunny, with a slim chance of showers. You took your umbrella from the stand just inside the door as you left for work, just in case.

Your morning coffee spilled on your white shirt when your secretary bumped into you, while attempting to remove herself from the path of the courier with the large box.

When you returned from the washroom, after rubbing the stain with a paper towel only to spread it farther, you found the box on your desk.

It said open with care.

Annoyed though cautious, you took a knife to the tape, gently slicing it from end to end.

Inside was a package with a note. From me.

Dear you,

On your way home tonight after work you will encounter an Angel. The Angel will walk by your side and tell you to raise your umbrella above your head. When you look up, there will be not a cloud in the sky. But you should nevertheless take heed of the Angel’s words.



After a reasonably uneventful afternoon, during which you went out and bought a new shirt and a tie as well, just for the hell of it, you left the office to make your way home.

Along the way, you met an Angel. He wasn’t a conventional Angel. His wings were rather dusty and his face, though swathed in a sheen of beauty, seemed tired.

He asked you to raise your umbrella and you looked up to the blue sky. And then you saw it. The piano, getting closer to the ground as it fell from the 35th storey window of the building you were walking by.

You stepped out of the way just in time.

You don’t know me, but I am he, your guardian Angel.

Tomorrow, when you go to work, please wear a suit of armor.


Taiji wingYour love is out of this world

Touch me
place your hands, your lips
upon my flesh
cosmic shift
gel in time
solidify me
take me
exhale your senses
and surround me, fill me
lift me
move me
inhuman faith
look not away
be by my side forever

Two Hari

“Where are you?” I whispered in the night. The day had gone by slowly. I spent it writing, gardening, trying to keep my mind from wandering and wishing I could be with him again.

Once in bed I covered myself and waited, calling occasionally.

“Where are you?”

I’m here Faith.

I felt him, the weight of him beside me. I heard the faint rustle of his feathers. I felt the pressure of his existence beside me.

I love you Faith.

His voice sounded like the singing of fine crystal. His breath rang in my ears, through and past my regular method of hearing, directly into my mind.

“Hari?” I asked, knowing before he answered that it was him. My Angel. Hari. “Why are you here?”

Because you need me, my love.

I stiffened. He had always been there when I called, and I supposed I could have called him now, sub-consciously. I had been lonely for some time. Only once had he come, unbidden, and then only because I didn’t yet know of his existence.

“Why do I need you?” I was suddenly filled with dread.

Not for any reason you need worry about…

I felt him slide his hand up my arm to my shoulder, I felt him nuzzle my cheek, his breath lifting the fine hairs. Like fine lead crystal, Hari’s substance is delicate and yet heavy. I didn’t move for fear of breaking his tentative hold on Earth, beside me.

“I love you Hari.”

Faith… you are my reason for being…

With that he was gone.

One Hari



My name breathed so softly in my ear I didn’t bother to open my eyes. I believed it was the breeze, warmed by the rising May sunlight whispering through my window.

Faith. It’s me, your lover.

So long since I had a lover, I had to be dreaming still. That was it, the remnants of my fading dream. I snuggled down into my feather pillow and wished for deeper sleep; to let go of the awareness of the morning light. My blanket lay heavy and warm upon my shoulder, I stretched and settled back to my weekend slumber.


I couldn’t ignore it anymore, no matter how soothing it felt. I was alone in the house – or I should have been. Perhaps there was someone calling me from outside the window.

I dragged myself out of the bed and knelt before pushing back the gauze curtains. My nosy neighbour was there watering his roses and waiting for a peek at my silk chemise-covered breasts. He waved. I waved back. No way was he subtle enough to have whispered my name.

I knew it must have been Hari. He was back in my life again.