#SoCS – apparent

from musty halls with creak-loud benches
we kneel and pray
and watch through stained-
glass windows
the rain patter
as the voices rise
and weep and mourn
for days of rejoicing
not long past

but apparent is not so true…

the glass once stained with
steady hand and careful grace
no longer holds its colour

for the stain consists
of war-torn souls
and the rain
is the tears
of children orphaned
and the benches creak
under the weight
of ghosts


Stream of Consciousness Saturday: https://lindaghill.com/2016/05/06/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-may-716/


it isn’t just this and it isn’t you
you with your fair hair and your
sweet candy smile
and your way of moving oh so slowly
when i want you to hurry up

no, it’s me too
because i can’t stand that you’re
too perfect
too simply kind
to want someone like me

i’m base and horrid sometimes
you know?
or perhaps you’re innocent
where my faults lie
you’re not quick enough to see

so you’ll not really understand
why i’m leaving you and going
to places you can’t go nor would you want to
tread upon the type of dirt that
stirs up my brand of dusty irritant

i’ll miss you though but not as much
as you’ll surely miss me because
light is drawn to darkness more than
the other way around