Fit to be Tied

A little tale of revenge, by me 🙂

The Community Storyboard

How should I lace you up? Should I tie your feet as well as your hands? I should probably strip you first. It will make it easier.

What is that? I can’t understand you with that gag in your mouth. Why are you moaning? We agreed to this.

Am I hurting you?

Fine, I’ll loosen the gag. Is that better?


First I’ll slip off your tie. Mmmm, silk. I love this tie. Now give me your hands so I can undo your cuffs. And lift your ass so I can pull down your… oh yes, you’re into this, aren’t you?

Lean forward so I can tie your hands behind your back. What, you want them at the front? I… don’t think so.

Stop struggling or I’ll truss you up with your tie. You don’t like that idea? No, I didn’t think you would.

First your hands. There we go…

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