#SoCS – Your Mistake

Your first mistake was thinking I’d care if you committed a small felony. Shoplifting is nothing – I know you did it for the kids.

Your second mistake was having a party to which I wasn’t invited. Yeah, it was for your kids, and your wife was there. But I wanted to come anyway. You told me you cared about me.

Your final mistake was telling me you cared about me… in the end. I made sure the cops found out who stole all those electronics. Now the kids don’t have a daddy. And your wife…

Your first mistake was thinking I’d care to keep your secret.

Mistake is the word of the day on The Daily Post.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday has a three-word prompt this week: your/you’re/yore. You can find it here: https://lindaghill.com/2016/08/26/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-august-2716/


loss of self

does it matter
that you don’t care?
should i reject you
for my self-esteem’s sake?
you’re so beautiful
i feel privileged
just to be noticed
by the likes of you
let alone to lie with you,
to hear your most private moans.
i think of all the girls
who would be so envious
should i have the freedom
to tell…
but your wife
can never find out
so i must keep silent
and it’s just as well
our private time
is just for us
is it not?
was that me you spoke of
to your friend?
i hope not

does it matter
that i don’t matter
or do i?
i daren’t ask


it was bound to happen
when we met
and the light in your eyes
lit like a brand new spot
in the showcase of a diamond store
and for years it shone
and we were so
ha ha ha
until the day i cheated
and you found out
and then i watched with regret
as that light in your eyes
dimmed and then
pt pt pt
sputtered out

Fit to be Tied

A little tale of revenge, by me 🙂