Day 7 Prompt – Dear Super-Hero

Day 7 Prompt – Create a Super-Hero. Have Him/Her save the day!

The Community Storyboard

Dear Seymore,

How are you? I hope you’re doing well. I’m just writing to let you know it’s over. Our time together was great. At the beginning it was all butterflies and roses and you always made me smile. At first I thought it was cute how you’d fall over your own feet all the time – it seemed you were just so enamoured with me that you couldn’t keep your eyes on where you were going, I loved you for that. Remember you used to call me your super-hero when I’d pick you up off the ground and dust you off? Then we’d laugh and laugh…

And that time you thought it might be fun to have sex on a ladder – until you slipped through the rungs and I caught you just in time for you not to scrape your genitals off. Oh what a great time we…

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