Day 8 Prompt – The Story of Seymore

Day 8 Prompt – Write a prequel to yesterdays Superhero. Pre-Superhero life? Maybe their childhood.

The Community Storyboard

Note: This piece works better if you read it out loud, or at least out loud in your head. Make sense? Probably not. 😛

Super-Seymore was a clumsy kid. His parents called him Simple-Seymore, and his self-esteem suffered accordingly. He was an addled adolescent – a timid teen. His friends were fickle and he didn’t date.

Then, one fine Friday he met the wonderful Winky. From the first moment she smiled sensuously at him, his heart hopped to a blissful beat. The wacky, wild Winky was everything he’d dreamed of…

But then one day he realised things were not quite right. In time, things began to rhyme instead of that letter thing they used to do. It wasn’t better. And half the time it didn’t even work. Winky wasn’t wonderful anymore. Then he found her cheating. Seymore was angry. He got so angry that he sat, and clenched his fists…

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