Day 14 Prompt – …in Perception

Day 14 Prompt – Randomly find someone in your yearbook. Create a story about their life today. I wrote this as a continuation to yesterday’s prompt.

The Community Storyboard

I thought I saw you, again. This time you were standing alone at a bus stop as I passed, warm and dry in my car. The rain was coming down in sheets, and you had no umbrella. Perhaps it was the absence of protection that made me think it was you.

Dennis Nash was the most popular guy in high school, and Connie Nash was probably the least popular girl. Had it not been for the fact that their last names were the same, Dennis likely would have never noticed her. When he did, however, his attraction for her hit him like a trio of linebackers in a game of football.

Despite, Dennis’s good looks, his charm, together with the sense of humour that usually made the females drop like flies at his feet, Connie flatly refused to even speak to him. The first time he approached her he was…

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