Day 16 Prompt – New Moon (Shingetsu)

Day 16 Prompt – Go to iTunes, put your music on random. Write a story about the first song that comes up.

The Community Storyboard

I was of two minds: to embed this video with or without the English subtitles? In the end I included them.



“Invite me in.”

I am standing at the threshold of your window, the light of the moon at my back. Even in shadows, you know me.

“I… can’t,” you whisper.

“Then I will wait here until I perish.”

“You’re mad. You’re insane,”

I know that you speak the truth, but it doesn’t matter. I must have you.

I close my eyes and speak to you through the moonlight, my voice a balm for your weary mortal life.  I feel you drawn to me. Your hesitancy is nectar, the scent of your blood causes my head to swim. You are so close now.

“Come in,” you breathe in my ear.

Has it been minutes, or hours? I know only your pulse. Here with you curled upon my lap…

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