Mouse (the Rat deserves no mention)

It’s a game of rat and mouse we play
You with the treacherous paw
Curling your finger so enchantingly,
“Come here, come here,”
your breath is sweet like onions
and your teeth gleam
making me wonder what tidbit,
what delicious speck of sugar
you might have for me…

I inch forward, my nose atwitching
for the scent of danger
but you’re good,
you’re so so good
that all I can sense
is your candy-coated grin
and I’m mesmerized
by that tiny finger
hypnotizing me with it’s

I’m so close now I can feel your ratty stinky breath
on my whiskers
You smile,
your charm could placate a snake
and I relax
I tell you my woes
I turn over my sympathy,
like it was my firstborn
I give you
all of me
all I hold dear

And then.
What do you do…?

Your ratty teeth no longer gleam
dear vermin,
your onion breath stings my eyes
Your insidious paw
with its needle-sharp claw
that has skewered everything
everything I love
has a hair upon it
It is mine
from where you dug out the flesh
from my sleek mousy back
but what you don’t realize

You will choke on it all
dear rat
Your blessed rat life
where you’ve gathered so much
shitty gold
will turn to dust
And you, poor withered rat
will die
with my hair
in your throat.

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