The Note, Part 6

I thought for sure something weird would happen yesterday. It was Halloween for fuck sakes. I walked around all day, looking over my shoulder, expecting to see a note pop up.

Nothing. No-friggin-thing. Even today. Nothing.

So I sat down with a beer to watch tv tonight, to catch a rerun of CSI. I just took a sip and turned to look where I was putting the bottle and when I looked back, there’s the note, stuck to the tv screen.


I got up to grab the note but then this (holy shit) feeling. It was like something was pushing on the side of my face.

I went in the other direction, towards the window. I… I looked down from my apartment window just in time to see a cab t-bone a Mercedes, right in the middle of the fucking road.  

I’ve got to talk to somebody about this shit. I just have to think of who wouldn’t think I’m on drugs.

As usual, the note is gone.


To go to The Note, Part One, click here.

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