True Story

My life is an open bookstore
Ask anything…
but if you leave with the info you have to pay for the book,
otherwise these really annoying beepers go off
and everyone turns around
and stares at you…

11 thoughts on “True Story

  1. I’m not sure if this is a poem or if you’re legit asking us to ask you anything. And what’s the price? I’m a very talented person and have many skills I could trade 😛 Like writing and flattery.

  2. Ah, but then there’re books that you can’t resist picking up in the bookstore. So you find a little stool and you sit and you read and you try and finish the book. But you can’t because it’s a long and complicated book and you have to get back to your life. So you reluctantly keep it back on the shelf. But you’re happy that the book will still be there–or at least a close copy–when you come back to finish it. The beeper doesn’t go off even though you’re carrying the book away in your mind, but maybe it should.

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