The Note, Part 7

It knows what I’m thinking.

I called my friend Josh and asked him to meet for coffee. I was going to tell him about the notes. Sure, I had no proof. I didn’t get to keep any of them. It’s enough to make me think I’m crazy, but Josh and I go way back. I really think he’d believe what I’m seeing.

But then I got another note, just before I was about to walk out the door.


What’s really fucked up about this? I still have the note. It didn’t disappear, even when I let go of it in my pocket.

Will this thing hurt me if I tell Josh? I have PROOF now.

What do I do?

To start at the beginning, go here.
For Part 6, go here.

9 thoughts on “The Note, Part 7

  1. *peeks in*… I might pay for part 8? lol

    Perhaps, you tell Josh. Unexpectedly, Josh expressed concern about your mental health..

    then then… a range of things continue to happen, you reach out to Josh for further help. Josh gets an analysis done of the handwriting on the note…

    It’s yours.

    Things go dark.

    You wake up, eyes slowly taking in your surroundings. It’s clinical. White, Cold, Clean. There is a window, overlooking a vast expanse of green rolling hills, as far as the eye can see. To the left are dead trees. To the right, A Sandstone wall covered in Moss. A sign.

    Craindre Asylum

    • There ya go! You can finish it yourself! haha Very nicely done, I might add. But that’s not where I was going with it.

      Life’s a bit chaotic at the moment, but I’ll do my best to keep going soon. πŸ™‚ Sorry for the wait.

          • Although I have had a wonderful Christmas, I have not stopped working and so sometimes loose perspective on how much of a special time it is quite quickly after the event…

            Not to mention,, we also have New Years coming up.. (Thank goodness I don’t have to produce any tasty festive food for that)


          • Ah yes, I remember festive adult time, though it’s been many years. Festive for me means kids hopped up on new toys and me praying for their bedtime so I can consume a bottle of wine by myself. πŸ˜›

          • I don’t drink as I get drunk on 1 standard drink of anything. lol

            Festive for me was also children racing out of bed at an unreasonable early hour in the morning after I’ve stayed up all night wrapping those last minute gifts.

            This year I got in early and organised. I just had to grab the children’s bikes.

            They were not all in one piece (since when did that start happening). So @ 3am there we were putting them together, only to discover one of them – had 2 LEFT peddles.

            Despite that, it was a wonderful morning and day, and people ate my food. I am a terrible cook, and my roast pork, and roast lamb and roast vegetables – were practically inhaled. #Miracle

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