Gossamer Dream (Haiku)

Japanese doll

Gossamer Dream

Placed in morning light
Draped in gossamer wishes
I kneel to your pyre

Originally posted March 24/13

10 thoughts on “Gossamer Dream (Haiku)

    • No one and nothing died, the pyre is imagery of heat.

      You must have missed the memo. 😉 Yes, I renamed the blog on its birthday, which was yesterday. Everything is still here, and the url is the same. 🙂

      • Oh. I saw the birthday post. Didn’t realize it came rife with change. Okay, rereading.

        So you’re kneeling to someone’s heat? Can it be my morning heat? 😀 Nope, I still don’t think I’m fully grasping this one. You’re kneeling to a heat in the morning, covered in dreams. Whose heat? The sun? Why kneeling?

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