Haiku – Vigor

Lazy summer days
Fall quickly to winter then
Vigor is vital



#TuesdayUseItInASentence – Loom, A Haiku

looming overhead
the flock a-wing for hunting
feast for young tonight


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humanity – haiku

for all the beauty
celebrate what we have now
gone in an instant

Hiroshima sunrise

Hiroshima sunrise

drive, a haiku

driving happily
top down, wind in hair, I smile
between teeth, dead bugs


Haiku – revenge

writing fiction makes
it possible to kill you
more than just one time


Toenail, A Haiku

minion drowning in paper towel

You’re like a hangnail
Dangling by a nerve in-shoe
You make me lamer

red – a haiku


soothe my mind with wine
and within my heart and soul
tranquility lives

JusJoJan the 27th – Mendaciloquent, a Haiku


poison spat from your mouth hole

is drenched in Splenda

JJJ 2016

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JusJoJan the 21st – Mittens, a Haiku

Mittens on kittens
Cute, but what are you thinking?
It’s a freakin’ cat.

JJJ 2016

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JusJoJan the 2nd – Haiku Paw-Pause (#SoCS)


Suspended mid romp
paws pause to slumber and yet
dreams twitch them beyond

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JJJ 2016