JusJoJan the 6th – Cloud

“And in other news, the big fluffy clouds will puke out some snow.”

Harvey the anchor smiles at the camera while whispering out of the corner of his mouth, “Jerry, what the hell am I reading?”

To which Jerry replies, “Just keep reading!”

“The snow will consist of styrofoam clumps, coated in coffee grinds…”

“Jerry! I can’t read this shit!”

“Keep reading!!”

“… and by five o’clock your afternoon commute will resemble …”

“Jerry! What is that word?”



“Yes! Read it!”

“…your afternoon commute will resemble shmoopimple, wall to wall traffic. And that’s the news.”

And that was the day Harvey quit his job at the community college television network.

JJJ 2016

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