Aloha Grace

Aloha Grace envisioned a place
with palm trees and white sandy beaches

In her room was a poster; she sat and imagined
the sea and the man she would meet there

For Aloha Grace lived in the arctic,
where the sun shone an hour a day

From this frozen tundra she needed escape
the moment she came of an age

Aloha Grace stepped off of the plane
and she breathed in the smell of the ocean

A half hour later her toes in the sand,
in the shade of a palm tree she stood

Then Aloha Grace, with the sun in her face
met the man she was destined to fall for

But a one-night stand left her colder than ice
and she realised the beach and the palm trees had lied

Aloha Grace went home in disgrace
pregnant and husbandless too

Down came the poster and down went the sun
for the grass is no greener than snow.

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