Kleptomaniac in 50 words – #AtoZ Challenge

They’re coming. I hear the sirens. And here I sit in a room with the evidence. There’s nowhere to hide it and there’s nowhere for me to hide. I’m finished. Unless… I blame it on my roommate! Yeah! It’ll take them a while to figure out I don’t have one.

Author’s Notes:

1. When writing a short story, I like to get to the point rather than get too deep into the psychology. I save that sort of in-depth character development for my novels. I enjoy writing 50-word stories. This one ran 57, I went back and removed some unnecessary words. I find it to be an excellent editing exercise.

2. I have no plans to write Adult Content fiction pieces for this challenge, but it happens, and it’s sometimes beyond my control if I’m to remain authentic to my muse. I will place a warning in the title of those posts which fall under the AC category.

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