In my room I is safe. From all those happenin’s out there in the big cruel world. I sees it. Oh Lord, do I see it. On that social media shit, comin’ in from all sides. This person dyin’ and that country gettin’ blown up. It has the ‘tential to get to a man, you know?

But here I is safe. Long as I don’t go out, don’t inneract on that social shit goin’ on in front of me. I don’t watch the news anymore. Too depressin’. Same thing all over again.

Makes a man want to never go out. I may jus’ starve here in my safe room. Better’n life out there.

3 thoughts on “Room

  1. And M.E. I eat dust
    We’re all so run down
    I’d call it my death
    But I’ll only fade away
    And I hate to fade alone
    Now there’s only M.E.

    We were so sure
    We were so wrong
    Now it’s over
    But there’s no one left to see
    And there’s no one left to die
    There’s only M.E.

    Why should I care
    Why should I try
    Oh no, oh no
    I turned off the pain
    Like I turned off you all
    Now there’s only M.E.

    (Credit: Gary Numan 1979 The Pleasure Principle)

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