#SoCS – greener grass

you’re here
he’s there
you’re real
so is he
but life with you
is not like life with him would be
life with you is mundane
he is exciting
our real life is ordinary
my life with him would be a celebration
day in, day out
night life, sleeping all day
work, boring
partying all the time
our life is lived together in the real world
his life exists in the spotlight, he is never bored
the dirt on which we sleep is hard
the grass over there is soft and green
we fight
he is always happy
we’re poor
he is rich
you’re here
he’s there
it’s surreal


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“i want more.”

“here I am, ” says More

“but i didn’t expect more to be personified.”

he squints at More. if he holds his head just right he can perceive the reflection of a pool, hovering in front of More, as if More is made of the pool. he leans to the left and from that side More looks like the new expensive laptop he has been eyeing for a while. he glances down to see that More is standing in a mist, like a cloud and More is wearing airplanes that are traveling at 30,000 feet to his dream destination. from the back More is a house. yes, the home he grew up in, only new and on the other side of More pokes out the head of a horse.

having completed his lap of More he walks back to face his most dear wish. in the face of More he sees a girl. his soulmate. the girl he hasn’t yet met.

“how can I have all this?”

“first you must make room for me,” says More. “you must give up what you have. a sacrifice must be made. but particularly for your soulmate.”

“but why?”

“ask yourself, how can you have a pool while you live in an apartment? how will you be happy with a new computer before you have backed up the files on your old one to move them over? that takes time. how can you leave it all behind to travel when you have so much to do? how can you live in a new house when you haven’t the money to buy one? or a farm for that matter, with a horse? you must make room in your life for these things and to do so you must sacrifice what you have.

“but most of all, for love you must sacrifice the woman who loves you now.”

“sacrifice her how?” he asks.

“let her go,” More answers.

“but that will kill her, she loves me,” he cries.

More fades away, awaiting Desperation.

The more